Thursday, August 22, 2013

21-day Cleanse: Say What?!

The summer was a blast while it lasted, but we're hitting the reset button and starting a 21 day, whole-body detox to start the school year off right.

Like us, you might have a bad habit of putting things off that you are hesitant to do; like eating healthier or exercising regularly. You might also find the idea of a cleanse daunting and perhaps a little flawed. While we do agree that the most common versions of these diets generally involve spartan juice or vegetable based regimes. We're ready to lay our 'chips' on the table and go all in- but on our own terms.

For those of you who know us- we don't believe in starving...obviously.  We do however believe that we need to get our regular caloric intake in check, get some exercise peddles pumping, and bring some healthy back. Or, from a more realistic perspective, STOP ordering Domino's [and all other takeout/processed foods] and drinking Tons of beer. Personally- I don't want to be working off the excess summer bloat in addition to the holiday pounds come January; so over the next few weeks we will be following the Fresh Start 21-Day Cleanse Program.

For all of you who are looking to change your bad routines, join us as we attempt to overhaul our eating habits and turn over a new [hopefully fresh, green, and tasty] leaf.

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