Thursday, August 29, 2013

21-day Cleanse: Pregame

Let's talk strategy people! Rome was not built in a day and overhauling our bad eating habits is not going to happen overnight. In the words of Teddy Roosevelt, "Speak Softly, and Carry a Big Stick" or in Sibley speak- this is a covert opp to eliminate fat cells, and we don't want them to know that we're gunning for them [aka. we don't want to throw our bodies into shock]. SO- without further adieu:

We're not just going to shoot from the hip.  First of all, neither of us is coordinated enough or proficient enough with firearms. Secondly, have you ever tried to quit caffeine cold turkey? This mistress is a dirty, devil beast and she's hard to live without. Considering that we have to function, use our brains, go to work, and play nice with others- all without morning coffee and the afternoon pick-me up of choice- this has to be done as slowly and painlessly as possible. I mean LITERALLY- caffeine headaches, while perhaps a first world problem, are an absolute witch. Therefore the plan is to slowly, ween ourselves off of caffeine or at least start substituting for green tea, drink at min. 8 glasses of water a day, say goodbye to Domino's/all other unhealthy, processed foods, and say hello to lots and lots of fresh fruits and veggies for at least a week before officially starting the cleanse. After that, all bets are off, and we're going to get crazy up in here; meaning no sugar, no alcohol, no gluten, and no animal products for 3 weeks. Just seasonally sustainable, preferably organic fruits/ vegetables, lentils, nuts, and seeds for this guy and gal.

Our strategy is one of simplicity, for we are simple people.  More importantly, we ain't got all day to slave in the kitchen, nor do we want too. This inevitably is why we chose to follow Simple Green Smoothies' 21-Day Cleanse Plan.  These girls understand that life needs to happen, they also understand that I don't have time to go to 5 different groceries looking for some ingredient that I can't pronounce and that no associate has ever heard of.  More importantly, they actually happen to know a little something about nutrition and balanced diets- of which, we do not.

In the mean time, tell us about your previous or current cleanse experiences. Did you have a plan of action, or did you just wing it? We'd love to hear all about it.

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